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Many Liquid Mind listeners have asked how my music can be used in healing settings. While I make no scientific claims for Liquid Mind, a content analysis of nearly 700 emails I've received from listeners did reveal some patterns as to how folks use it.

Below is a list of the subjects addressed in those unsolicited emails sent to me. I post this not as an endorsement for any particular use, but rather as a service to those who feel they may be helped by my slow sedative music.

– Chuck Wild, Liquid Mind

Effect reported by listener: Percentage of emails reporting that effect
Meditative effects:
Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation MusicTranscendent experiences (12.42%)
Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation MusicSpiritual experiences (4.73%)
Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation MusicHeightened meditative state (5.32%)
Sleep inducement, improved sleep (adult & pediatric): 20.2%
CAM practitioners, nurses or doctors, using Liquid Mind successfully as an adjunct to healing modalities (maternity & birthing, yoga, craniosacral, psychotherapy, massage, hypnotherapy, anger management, anxiety management) 14.2%
Increased peace, deep relaxation, and anxiety relief: 13.6%
Increased creativity, improvement in work/school: 11.8%
Surgical recovery, specific healing descriptions: 5.3%
Cancer therapy assistance (e.g., listening during chemo): 4.7%
Help in grieving over loss of loved one/end of life comfort: 4.1%
Mentions of pain/headache relief: 1.8%
Positive assistance in addiction recovery 1.8%

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