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Liquid Mind ® Music by Chuck Wild

DREAM: A Liquid Mind Experience


Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music

Many thanks to those of you who've supported my Liquid Mind ® sedative music series through your purchases and by spreading the word about the benefits of slow music, proper rest and deep relaxation.

Some of the health practitioners who use Liquid Mind ® suggested that "timed" tracks might be especially useful for those who enjoy meditation, napping, relaxation, guided visualization and other healthcare activities, both at home and in clinics.

Those suggestions gave birth to Dream: A Liquid Mind Experience, this collection of three longer "timed" compositions. For this project I searched the entire Liquid Mind ® catalog to find the most relaxing pieces.  Dream Twenty and Dream Thirty are newly created edits of what I felt were the most relaxing existing Liquid Mind ® compositions. The first piece, Dream Ten, is newly composed and recorded, and previously unreleased.

Whether you choose to use Dream: A Liquid Mind Experience for napping, pre-sleep, meditation, healthcare activities, to relax your pets (and yourselves), for creative work, or simply as a musical background to your life, I hope you'll find my music enjoyable and useful.

Chuck Wild
Los Angeles, California, March, 2011

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Track list:

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1. Dream Ten
2. Dream Twenty 20:02
3. Dream Thirty 30:24

Total Time 60:27

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