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Liquid Mind ® Music by Chuck Wild

Liquid Mind XII: Peace
Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep
Liquid Mind VI: Spirit
Liquid Mind V: Serenity
Liquid Mind IV: Unity
Liquid Mind III: Balance
Slow World
Slow World
Liquid Mind: Ambience Minimus
Ambience Minimus
Liquid Mind: Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes
Rain & Ocean

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Liquid Mind?

Liquid Mind is the pen name used by Los Angeles composer Chuck Wild for his series of ultra-slow chill out, downtempo music albums.

How can I listen to Liquid Mind 24/7?

Liquid Mind® music streams on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Apple Music and many other streaming services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, everywhere in the world.

When you create a Liquid Mind station or playlist, you support my ability to continue creating music.

Thanks for listening!

How do healthcare practitioners use Liquid Mind?

Click here to view or download a brief therapeutic resource guide on how Liquid Mind is used.

How many albums are available from Liquid Mind?

At present there are fifteen albums.

Ambience Minimus (1994)
Slow World (1996)
Liquid Mind III: Balance (1999)
Liquid Mind IV: Unity (2000)
Liquid Mind V: Serenity (2001)
Liquid Mind VI: Spirit (2003)
Liquid Mind VII: Reflection (2004)
Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep (2006)
Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience (2007)
Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby (2009)
Dream: A Liquid Mind Experience (2011)
Liquid Mind X: Meditation (2012)
Liquid Mind: Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes (2014)
Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep (2016)
Liquid Mind XII: Peace (2018)

Are high resolution digital files available of Liquid Mind albums?

Yes, MP3-320 files are available here for no extra charge at CDBaby

Can I buy directly from Real Music?

Yes. Just call 1-310-802-7660 Monday through Thursday, 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Liquid Mind albums are also available in over 2,000 quality book and music stores, and many websites, including (800-289-6923), and

Why do I feel so relaxed when I listen to the music of Liquid Mind?

While we make no scientific claims for this music, people often find themselves feeling relaxed or drowsy when they listen to Liquid Mind.

This may be because the tempo (speed) of the music is very slow, and our bodies and minds are responsive to sound and vibration.

Thus, both mind and molecule try to harmonize with their "audio" surroundings.

Calming music tends to make us calm, stimulating music can make us more active.

Why is there a Liquid Mind album devoted to conflict resolution?

Given the high level of stress and dissension in our world, in 2017 I decided to compose an album dedicated to conflict resolution, Liquid Mind XII: Peace. The titles of the eight compositions are the steps in conflict resolution, and it is my belief that peace is possible between any two willing individuals.

Why do some Liquid Mind albums have a roman numeral in the title?

After releasing the first two albums, and it became apparent that the series was popular, we started numbering the albums.

This is to let people know how many albums are available, in case they wish to purchase CDs that they don't already own.

Who are the album cover artists for the Liquid Mind albums?

On Ambience Minimus, Los Angeles graphic artist Ray Dougela designed the cover.
Sacramento graphic artist Andy Markley ( and Ray collaborated on the inside cover photo.

On Slow World, Liquid Mind III: Balance, Liquid Mind IV: Unity, Liquid Mind V: Serenity Liquid Mind VI: Spirit, Liquid Mind VII: Reflection, Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep, Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby, Liquid Mind X: Meditation, Liquid Mind: Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes, Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep, and Liquid Mind XII: Peace renown photographer and graphic designer Glen Wexler ( created and designed the art.

The covers for RELAX: A Liquid Mind Experience and DREAM: A Liquid Mind Experience were designed by Richard Laeton.

Can I buy prints of Glen Wexler's Liquid Mind art?

Limited edition fine art prints of Glen Wexler's Liquid Mind art are available at Glen Wexler Studio and Blue Chimp ®.

Who took the photograph on the home page?

The image on our home page, entitled "Lake Crescent," was photographed by wilderness photographer Robert Glusic.

Are Liquid Mind albums available by digital download?

All Liquid Mind albums are available for digital download from iTunes, Real Music,, and Please visit our free MP3 page for a 5-minute excerpt from Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep.

Both Real Music and CD Baby offer full-length digital download tracks of all Liquid Mind albums.

What is Beautiful Music Machine?

Beautiful Music Machine™ is a cinematic instrumental project created by Liquid Mind composer Chuck Wild and producer/composer Seven Whitfield.

You can follow the project on Facebook.

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