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Liquid Mind ® is the name used by Los Angeles composer, producer, and Emmy®-nominated songwriter, Chuck Wild, whose best-selling downtempo, chill out albums have consistently charted in Billboard sales charts and have hit the #1 spot on the iTunes USA new age chart several times. There are few composers with as much love for slowness in their music as Wild. Chuck draws from classical and pop influences as varying as Beethoven and Brian Eno, Bartok and Rachmaninoff, Bach, Chopin and Fauré, Duruflé and Brahms.

Early live and studio experience with the Capitol Records’ group Missing Persons, and studio work with Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson and many others have helped Chuck develop high production values. Spending many studio hours over the years with five time Grammy winning engineer Bruce Swedien and famed producer Ken Scott inspired Chuck to explore unique and subtle gradations of sound and feeling in his music. In November 2005, Chuck presented at the American Music Therapy Conference regarding the use of slow music for relaxation while treating anxiety. Liquid Mind VII: Reflection won the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Meditation/Healing Music album of 2005.

Chuck's career spans 47 years from 1972 to the present, including writing 125 songs and compositions used in TV, films and music albums. He was signed to Warner/Chappell Music and Lorimar Telepictures as a staff songwriter in 1987.

Chuck received a special President's Award from Barbara Wheeler, president of the American Music Therapy Association, on November 12, 2009, in San Diego, California at their 2009 Annual Conference.

Chuck is on the Advisory Board of Dream A World Education, a ground-breaking nonprofit organization that brings arts to young children in underserved and underprivileged communities — giving them experience in dance, music, painting, writing, speaking and acting.

The Pointer Sisters, Tommy Page, Timothy Leary, Wink, Jennifer Rush, Thelma Houston, Glenn Medeiros and Philip Bailey are just some of the artists who have recorded his songs. Wild co-composed music with Michael Hoenig for the Emmy® winning ABC-TV series Max Headroom. In 1992, his first composition for two pianos, Los Angeles Fantasy, was premiered by Zita Carno and Gloria Cheng at the Bing Theater in Los Angeles. The same year, Wild co-scored the Academy Award (TM) winning film The Panama Deception. In 1989, he co-wrote (with Marti Sharron) the song "You're My One and Only," #1 hit in Europe for Jennifer Rush. Over the last twenty years, Chuck has lent his studio talents to projects with Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Missing Persons, Philip Bailey, Frank Zappa, and many other artists.

Artist Comments

I originally wrote the music of Liquid Mind to be of service to myself, my friends, and my family in dealing with the anxiety & stress of working long hours in our "information overload" world, and also for friends and family dealing with the stress of life-threatening illnesses like cancer & HIV.

When I discovered that this music was effective in helping to relax while recovering from my own anxiety and panic attacks, I decided in 1993 to release the music to the public. The soothing and calming Liquid Mind albums seem to have an immediate "slowing down" effect on many listeners, and may also help folks of all ages (and their pets) get to sleep, and relax deeply after a tension-filled day.

Given the high level of stress and dissension in our world, in 2017 I decided to compose an album dedicated to conflict resolution, Liquid Mind XII: Peace. The titles of the eight compositions are the steps in conflict resolution, and it is my belief that peace is possible between any two willing individuals.

The ultimate compliment to me is that people fall asleep to my music. Liquid Mind is functional music, assisting us to be tranquil at those times when that may not be easy. That's why my compositions are longer than normal, and very slow in tempo. This music is very special to me; it is my labor of love and I hope you enjoy it.

I'm a shameless advocate of life in the slow lane. For many years, I worked eighteen or more hours a day, seven days a week. Your body will always exact a toll for such abuse. Composing slow music helps me find peace and quiet, to get back in touch with the fact that I am responsible for the pace of my own life, to help me unify body, mind, and spirit.

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