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Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby


Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby

Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music

Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby is slow music at its best... Soothing, melodic, heartfelt, and comforting, this new album from Liquid Mind® composer Chuck Wild continues a fifteen year tradition of deeply calming music for relaxation.

Appealing to the softer side of the musical spectrum, Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby is filled with gentle extended soundscapes that create a welcome relief to those of us searching for a break from our high stress, high energy world. Liquid Mind's albums have for many years been popular with music therapists and other healthcare practitioners, and are frequently used in massage, anxiety management, meditation, sleep therapy, surgical recovery, Yoga, Reiki, Pilates, maternity and many other healing settings.

While we think of lullabies as being primarily for children, you will find the peaceful compositions on Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby are perfect for both grownups and kids.

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Track list:

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1. Whisper to Me
2. Letting Go
3. Into the Light
4. We Hold Peace in Our Hands
5. My Quiet Spirit
6. Mountain Lullaby

Total Time 59:45

From the artist:

This album is dedicated to my parents, and celebrates the continuity of life and honoring our dedication to nurturing the youngest members of society. Surviving loss (and adapting to the change it brings) is an important part of our human journey, and lullabies are a wonderful way for one generation to nurture the next. My special thanks to family and friends for their support this past year as my Dad transitioned from his earthly life after nearly 99 years. Mountain Lullaby is a tribute to both Mom and Dad, to the love they brought into the lives of my sister Betsy and myself, and to the family trips we took together for nearly 50 years in the Colorado Rockies.

Mom and Dad's gentle encouragement towards music when I was younger, tempered with common sense practical advice, enabled me to grow creatively in my own way and pace. The many life lessons they shared, self-reliance, co-operation, industriousness, gratitude, love and optimism, were taught to me at a very young age, and are the mainstays of my life to this day. I owe them a debt of gratitude, one that I can only repay by continuing to share my own music with the world.

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