Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music
Liquid Mind ® Music by Chuck Wild

Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes

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Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music
My deepest gratitude to those of you who support my music, it's hard to believe the Liquid Mind® series is now twenty years old. I've received thousands of supportive messages and emails from folks, some very touching. You've told me about Liquid Mind being used in healthcare settings, meditation and yoga groups, pre-sleep routines, massage and spa treatments, cancer clinics, addiction rehabilitation, maternity wards, surgical recovery, schools, pain management, grieving, anxiety management, the list goes on. I sincerely hope my sedative music will continue to be of help to all who can benefit from it.

I hope you'll enjoy this Liquid Mind adventure into the sounds of water, and that you will find these ocean and rain mixes both relaxing and energizing. I've designed and remixed this collection to be listened to at lower volumes, so settle in for a journey in your headphones, and prepare to be transported to a place of renewal, cleansing, healing, and comfort.

When Karen Kael and Terence Yallop, owners of Real Music, the wonderful label I'm signed to, suggested mixing some of my favorite tracks from previous albums with rain and ocean, I immediately recalled my history with the sound of the ocean, and how the resonance of the waves led me to discovering a musical identity for the Liquid Mind series. In 1987, after working 20 hour days for several months on the ABC-TV series Max Headroom®, and at the same time losing many friends and associates to the AIDS crisis, I became sleep deprived and began to have persistent anxiety attacks.  Though it was a low point for me, that period was the start of a profound healing that has had a strong and lasting effect on who I am, and how I lead my life.

As part of my treatment, a counselor suggested I write the kind of music that represented the way I wanted to feel... relaxed.  I was so out of balance at the time, I couldn't even conceive of writing slow relaxing music. Another therapist suggested taking a short trip to Laguna Beach, California, and during that visit I spent a good deal of time sitting on the rocks, just listening to the ocean. For the first time in many months, I began to feel a deep sense of calm, but only when I was within hearing distance of the ocean. The constant, deep, slowly moving sound of the "liquid" (the Pacific) helped to quiet my "mind." That day, I vowed to compose music that not only imitated the ebb and flow, but also honored the constancy and sonic richness of the ocean, and I decided to call this new music Liquid Mind.

Thank you again for your support of my music.

Chuck Wild
September 2014, Los Angeles CA

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Track list:

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The Joy of Quiet Rain Mix
Soft Focus Ocean Mix
Velvet Morning Rain Mix
In Fields of Peace Ocean Mix
Journey to Peace Rain Mix
Night Light Ocean Mix

Total Time 61:27

Liquid Mind XII: Peace
Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep
Liquid Mind VI: Spirit
Liquid Mind V: Serenity
Liquid Mind IV: Unity
Liquid Mind III: Balance
Slow World
Slow World
Liquid Mind: Ambience Minimus
Ambience Minimus
Liquid Mind: Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes
Rain & Ocean