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Liquid Mind VII: Reflection


Liquid Mind VII: Reflection

Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music
Liquid Mind VII: Reflection, the seventh in Liquid Mind ’s unique ultra-slow relaxation albums, ebbs and flows with a peaceful and introspective elegance. Science has proven that our minds and bodies tend to harmonize with the tempo of our surroundings, and that slow music may cause a general relaxation of muscle tension. This beautiful album is "musical healthcare" at its best and is often used for sleeping, meditation, guided relaxation, anger management, as a background to Reiki, Yoga, massage, and to enhance other healing activities. Parents and teachers have found it useful to quiet hyperactive kids, veterinarians have used the music to help animals recovering from surgery, mothers have given birth to it, students have studied to it, artists have painted and writers have composed to the musical backdrop of Liquid Mind.

Liquid Mind VII: Reflection was the 2005 winner of the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Meditation/Healing Music Album.

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Track list:

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1. Gently Down
2. Into the Silence of My Being
3. In the Stillness
4. Finding My Way
5. Reflection
6. My Orchid Spirit

Total Time 58:38

From the artist:

I started writing the first Liquid Mind piece (Zero Degrees Zero) in 1988, to help myself heal from the anxiety and stress of overwork, and the psychological strain of losing friends and family members to HIV and cancer. Unable to find music slow enough to fill my needs at that time, I set out to establish a body of musical work that could serve this purpose, to be the soundtrack of my healing. The hundreds of emails and letters I receive from those who have benefited from Liquid Mind has encouraged me to continue this work, and to offer this seventh album. I am honored to be associating my Liquid Mind series with Real Music, a label with integrity and foresight. I share with the Real Music family their vision of bringing healing music to all those who are in need of it.

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