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Slow World


Slow World
Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music

Slow World is the second album designed for deep relaxation by Liquid Mind, the name used by Los Angeles composer & songwriter Chuck Wild for his series of very slow music. While Wild makes no scientific claims for his music, Liquid Mind albums seem to have an immediate "slowing down" effect on many listeners, and may help some people get to sleep, or to calm down after a tension-filled day. For those listeners working long hours at computer terminals, or otherwise suffering the effects of stress, this CD may be the ideal companion.

Liquid Mind is, for many people, enjoyable music for massage, a good background for creative endeavors, great music to go to sleep by, and the most personal of music for those intimate moments with one you love. This functional and peaceful album has also been used by some parents to comfort their children, and by others to assist themselves in going back to sleep in the middle of a difficult night.

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Track list:

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1. Mirror Veil
2. Blue Seven
3. Slow World

From the artist:

I originally wrote the music of Liquid Mind to help myself and my friends and family dealing with the anxiety & stress of working long hours and many jobs to support their families, and also for friends and family dealing with the stress of life-threatening illnesses like cancer & HIV. The ultimate compliment to me is that people fall asleep or deeply relax to my music. This is functional music, it may serve the purpose of assisting us to be tranquil, when that is not easy in today's world. This is why the compositions are longer than normal, and very slow in tempo. This music is very special to me, it is my labor of love, I hope you enjoy it.

From the label:

The production values on this elegant album reflect the fact that Wild has worked with many world-class artists, both as writer, synthesist, arranger, and producer. Chuck is known for his work as synthesist & keyboard player in the 80's group MISSING PERSONS, as studio sound designer for Michael Jackson and many others, as a songwriter (over 60 of his songs recorded since 1988, including "You're My One and Only", #1 hit in Europe for Jennifer Rush), and composer Max Headroom (Emmy-winning series).

When Wild started releasing the Liquid Mind albums in 1994 commercially, the first persons to use them were alternative healthcare practitioners, chiropractors and massage therapists, followed soon by more mainstream medical practitioners, who report utilizing the music in clinical situations to assist in relaxation. Since the Liquid Mind albums became more widely distributed in 1995, they have all become favorites of those who use music for relaxation, meditation, and stress relief.

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