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Liquid Mind ® Music by Chuck Wild

Liquid Mind VI: Spirit


Liquid Mind VI: Spirit

Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music

Liquid Mind VI: Spirit, the sixth in Liquid Mind’s tranquil series of deep relaxation music, has been reported to be used for Yoga, massage, meditation, to support healing from anxiety, and many other healthcare activities like pre-sleep. Like the other Liquid Mind albums, this gentle album has been used to relieve stress, by parents and teachers to help quiet hyperactive children, by insomniacs to assist themselves in going back to sleep in the middle of a difficult night, and by many folks to relieve the stress of a busy day at work. The music was designed originally to assist in the composer’s own healing from anxiety, and has reportedly been useful in many healthcare settings.

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Track list:

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1. Warm in You
2. My Silent Knowing
3. Through My Eyes
4. Teach Me to Whisper
5. In the Spirit
6. Velvet Morning

Total Time 57:16

From the artist:

I originally wrote the music of Liquid Mind to help myself and my friends and family dealing with the anxiety & stress of working long hours and many jobs to support their families, and also for friends and family dealing with the stress of life-threatening illnesses like cancer & HIV. I’m happy that the usefulness of the music has spread into other healing areas as well.

While I make no scientific claims about my music, the Liquid Mind albums seem to have an immediate "slowing down" effect on many listeners, and may also help folks get to sleep, and calm down after a tension-filled day. The ultimate compliment to me is that someone may fall asleep or deeply relax to my music. Liquid Mind is functional music; it seeks to serve the purpose of assisting us to be tranquil, when that is not easy in today's world. That’s why some of the compositions are longer than normal, and all are very slow in tempo. This healing music is very special to me. It is my labor of love. I hope you enjoy it.

From the label:

The excellent production values on the Liquid Mind albums reflect Chuck Wild's extensive experience working with many world-class artists, as songwriter, synthesist, composer, producer, and arranger. Chuck’s compositional skills continue to infuse these albums with beautifully crafted sonic and melodic soundscapes.

The Liquid Mind albums have become a steady favorite among therapists, teachers and clinicians who use relaxation music as a tool to help manage the stress in their lives.

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