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RELAX: A Liquid Mind Experience


Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music

RELAX: A Liquid Mind Experience is a collection of previously released material, containing some of my favorite tracks from earlier albums, plus one new piece, "I Am Willing." It is intended as a sampler (though all tracks are full-length) for those who have never experienced the Liquid Mind music.

I offer my gratitude to the many certified Music Therapists who have given me feedback about my "sedative" music, and also to Liquid Mind listeners all over the world, who were my only sales force for many years. Your word of mouth support has allowed me to continue to produce new albums of this healing music.

Over the past seven years, I've received over 1,000 unsolicted emails reporting relaxation and sleep effects from those listening to my music. This has led me to a research path to study how slow music affects our bodies. In the mean time, I thought you might enjoy having a list of sleep tips that I've used myself over the years. To download a PDF of the Liquid Mind Sleep Tips, click here.

Chuck Wild
Los Angeles, California, USA

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Track list:

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1. Teach Me to Whisper (from Liquid Mind VI: Spirit)
2. Serenity (from Liquid Mind V: Serenity) 10:06
3. Touching Calm (from Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep) 7:44
4. Awakening (from Liquid Mind V: Serenity) 12:06
5. Reflection (from Liquid Mind VII: Reflection) 8:18
6. I Am Willing (previously unreleased) 7:55
7. Take Me Tenderly (from Liquid Mind IV: Unity) 6:47
8. Lullaby for Grownups (from Liquid Mind III: Balance) 5:19

Total Time 65:25

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